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"It is in those moments where you fight through that you will see the most development in your body and your character."

Big Back User Profile Interview:  Tyler Sarry

Bodybulder, trainer and model Tyler SarryTyler Sarry is a model, trainer and life coach from Ontario, Canada; Tyler currently lives in Toronto.  We met Tyler during the short spell he lived in Los Angeles when he stopped by one of our dealer events. Later he was posting video workouts on youtube using, naturally, Big Back Grips!  Tyler began competing as a fitness model while he was still in college and now owns the website where clients can access a pretty thorough collection of fitness advice, videos and workout programs. Tyler is a very busy man, but we’re delighted he found a few minutes to sit down with us.

BBG: Hi Tyler. Maybe we can start with some basic biographical info.  Where you’re originally from, where you went to school and how you spend your professional time lately? And what got you into fitness?

Tyler:  Well I am a small town boy, originally hailing from a town called Brockville, Canada, which is about 45 minutes west of Ottawa.  I got into weight training at around 16 to be exact and once I started taking it seriously and seeing results there was no turning back! I knew from a young age that fitness and working out are what I loved, and if I could make it a career I would. Which is what led me to take up fitness and health studies after high school. 

Now much of my time is spent creating nutrition programs for clients online, and doing my own promotions via social media.  When I am not on a computer or my phone—working of course – I am training clients or myself. 

BBG: What drew you to into fitness as a profession?

Tyler:  After countless questions growing up about nutrition and training I knew I had the passion to make a difference in people’s lives and that in itself is reward enough.  Not only are you altering Tyler Sarry always keeps his ripped and ready to work.people’s bodies and helping them physically, you are preparing them mentally for an unforgettable journey they will be pursuing for the rest of their lives.  This is what draws me in the most, because when you watch someone grow and change for the better it is an unforgettable feeling for both client and trainer.

BBG: We’d like to learn a little more about  How long has it been operating and how is it going so far? 

Tyler:  Well, the first version of the site was in 2008, and then an updated version came 2 years ago.  Right now I am currently working on overhauling the site and making in less about memberships and more about free information, while still being interactive and maybe adding a blog.

BBG: What kind of services will people find there? 

Tyler:  Nutrition Plan Design is an important site component. I work with regular people looking for a better approach to food. And with physique and fitness competitors. I also do live video training via Skype and create workout plans and designs. And there is still a member’s section, at least until I decide which direction to take the site.

BBG: But you’ve trained a lot of clients in person too, correct?  What do you find are the differences between training clients in person verses online? 

Tyler:   Yes I have trained many people in person and still do on a daily basis.  I would say the obvious differences between online and in person are it is a little hard to be hands on and have the same level of motivation as you are not hanging over there shoulder as you would be in person.  Also sometimes in person it is easy to answer several questions where sometimes emails, txt’s etc can get messy.

BBG: What your professional goals right now? Do you plan to still pursue modeling and competing?  You strike us as pretty ambitious. What’s the next level up for you?  

As a trainer and model, Tyler Sarry is always camera ready.Tyler: Well don’t get me started on the whole competing route – my focus is genuinely on helping others change their lives at the moment.  But I always like to challenge myself so I may jump on the stage again soon.  If I was going to compete again it would either be in muscle model or bodybuilding as I have put on a lot of muscle since my fitness modeling days.  As for modeling I represent myself so if jobs come up, I am always in shape!

BBG: We’d like to ask you about Big Back Grips in your workouts.  What did you use before BBGs and what do our Grips do for your workout?

Tyler:  You want to know. . .Seriously? (BBG: Hell, yeah, we love hearing why!)  Haha. Ok  I find gloves slip, smell, etc. Back in the day I actually used dishwashing sponges my friend would use. I also don’t like having calluses that cut everyone when I touch them so BBG seals the deal! They give me gripping power for the heavy weights and extra reps. And they keep my hands in good shape.

BBG: Do you just use them for back or for more than that?

Tyler: I use them whenever I am doing any heavy lifting that involves grip strength.

BBG: What are your biggest accomplishments in your bodybuilding history so far? Titles, personal goals achieved, etc…

Tyler:  Well I continue to gain a few pounds of quality muscle each year and that is something I pride myself on.  I am not like a lot of guys I know that go up and down in weight and end up looking worse in the grand scheme.  Slow and steady wins the race and as they say: Quality not Quantity. As for the biggest accomplishment, that would have to be winning the Model Universe competition in 2009.

BBG: You are definitely a bigger man than when we first met, but just as ripped.  What are you current stats?

Tyler: CHEST - 44"; ARMS - 17 ¼; WAIST – 32; CALVES – 17; QUADS - 25 1/2

BBG: What is your workout schedule like? 

Tyler:  I train somewhat like a bodybuilder but I still like to always add in some HITT cardio and plyometrics* to mix things up.  Like anyone you get bored doing the same thing so you have to find ways to mix things up every now and again. I will put my workout split below but keeping in mind I am not completely crazy where I HAVE to do this or that. . . I do what I feel like and am not ever on a supremely strict regimen. (Editor’s Note: To learn more about HITT or Plyometrics, feel free to ask Tyler directly at

  • Day 1 – Back (will throw in one exercise of biceps 3-4 sets at end)
  • Day 2- Chest (will throw in one exercise of triceps 3-4 sets at end)
  • Day 3 – Legs (quad and glute oriented)
  • Day 4 - Shoulders

I will take 1-2 days off a week and sometimes throw in an arm day. I train core usually every day except leg day and do 20-30 min of cardio.

BBG: It looks like the art of not overtraining is working for you. A lot of guys never get that. What are your favorite exercises or body parts to work? What do you consider your best body part? Do you have a body part that's especially challenging to make headway on?

Tyler:  I wouldn’t say I have one favorite exercise. My favorite and probably best body part – besides my ass J –  would probably be my shoulders, which explains why I like training them most as they are my strongest.  As for challenging body parts to bring up, my chest has always been the hardest to fill out but adding poundage over the years and altering exercises is helping me slowly progress in that area.

 BBG: Now, if someone were going to work out with you, what are they in for, what's your workout style? What would you want from a partner?

Tyler: Depends how I feel that day sometimes I want to go balls-to-the wall heavy, and sometimes a little lighter and very strict form and controlled.  I wouldn’t say I have a particular style as I like to adapt Tyler Sarry and his what I am trying to accomplish and who I am training with. From a partner I would just want a proper spot and someone to joke around with and talk about anything.

BBG: What's your advice to people trying to make progress on their physique but don’t seem to be moving forward?

Tyler:  Hire a trainer. A good one who will be focused on you. Or if you think it has more to do with something else try altering your training movements.  Even something as little as the way you grip can change a lot.

And never give up! It is in those moments where you fight through that you will see the most development in your body and your character.

BBG: Finally, can you give us your workout for just one body part. Just pick your favorite.

Tyler: Shoulders are my favorite and also my fastest body part to train, because I have trained for 12+ years I don’t need to do multiple sets to maintain my physique. 

  • Shoulder Press - Alternate each week between dumbbell, barbell or sometimes smith (especially if I don’t have a spot)
  • Arnold Press – This one everyone should know. (Editor’s Note: In case you don’t, just ask Tyler!) 
  • Hanging forward dumbbell raise – Leaning forward with upper body raising the weight upward and slightly forward with limp wrists.
  • Half supinated lateral raise – I like to do this on a long bench while facing in to prevent any cheating and coming to ear height.
  • Rear delt reverse fly – I also switch up each time I do shoulders (reverse pec deck, lying on bench with or without angle and standing or sitting bent over raise.

BBG: Tyler, thank you. Good luck with everything!