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A lot of our users gave up lifting straps for Big Back Lifting Grips because there were just too many problems associated with straps. To quote one Big Back user: “My lifting straps always dig in…and start actually hurting my wrist. Like they’re pulling my hands off.” Exactly. They’re literally pulling your hands off as the barbell hangs from your wrists, crushing soft tissue up against the bones, cutting off circulation during your set, and pulling apart the wrist joint.

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Nathan Williams’ Last Workout Before the NPC Los Angeles Championships

Nathan let us drop by his gym, McGuire’s Fitness in Ontario, CA.   This post…

Vitor Fernando Martins Faiante

Vitor Fernando Martins Faiante lives in London. He has been working out with Big Back…

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Big Back Lifting Grips are far more effective than lifting gloves and safer than lifting straps. Do not let our low price fool you . Big Back Grips are serious workout equipment for fitness.

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There’s a reason why we call them Big Back Grips