Torn callused hand

Torn, bloody hands from ripped calluses don’t make you tough. They make you open to infection.

Protect your hands while lifting from knurled handles. Ropes. Chalk. Tight grips and drying skin on your hands. All these build calluses, and eventually calluses rip open, exposing you to whatever germs and bacteria reside on the gym handles. This is not only painful, it’s unhealthy and dangerous.

Knurled Metal: The handles you love to hate are all love with Big Back Grips.

Knurled handles (pronounced “nerld”) are widely used because they’re easier to grip than the smooth handles. Of course, they’re painful and damaging. They tear at your skin and cause the kind of calluses that are prone to ripping open and leaving you more susceptible to infection and less capable of handling heavy weight. So you really want to protect your hands while lifting when grabbing knurled metal. The good news is that Big Back Grips turn knurled handles from the handles you love to hate into the handles you LOVE. We not only protect your hands from the damage they do, we also give a you MUCH BETTER GRIP than even the people who manufacture them planned. Big Back Grips give you complete, comfortable control of your set. And remember, lifting straps damage your wrists and do not protect your hands.

Con Demetriou Triceps Rope

When your hands are sliding around on the triceps rope…

Nothing grips a triceps rope more safely, solidly and comfortably as Big Back Lifting Grips. Triceps rope are generally made from one of two materials. Polypropylene is the slick shiny (at least when new) material. It’s impossible to keep your hands where you want them as  the slick material and direction of the strands are guaranteed to let you hands slide to the bottom. The other material is nylon. These are often whitish in color, at least when they’re new. They are not as slick as the polypro, but they are often much longer, and you don’t always your hands down at the bottom. Big Back Grips let you grip and hold on to either material with little to no sliding to the bottom where your fingers get jammed up and the calluses come.

Glossy Handles. Less painful than knurled, but slippery!

At some point in a history long forgotten, most gym handles were chrome. Slick, shiny, slippery chrome. Chrome handles are still around, but most gyms don’t use them because they’re hard to hang on to, especially on pull downs, etc. Knurled handles were a popular replacement, but, see above, they destroy your hands. Another popular handle finish is high-gloss paint, also known as “powder coated”.  You see it all around a gym. It’s usually white and shiny and impossible to hold onto. Yet it’s extremely popular on equipment where you want a good grasp, like T-Bars. Well, we don’t care how slick and smooth the handle is: Big Back Grips grab it and hang on like your hand is glued, but much more comfortable.

Powder coated T-Bar handle held by Big Back Grips
torn T bar rubber handles

Rubber-Coated Handles. We really really hate them.

Rubber-coated handles work great — on paper. In the gym, they just fall apart and end up doing exactly the opposite of what they invented for. They were invented to give you a better, more comfortable grip and protect your hands while lifting. That was the theory. In practice, rubber-coated gym fall victim to the sweat, salt and oil that the human hand exudes. The torque applied during use loosens them from the handle they are installed on and the rubber starts to revolve around the handle as you use it, causing the handle to slide away from you — exactly the opposite of what they were invented for.

We wish it were not so. In the end, they are just in the way if they are partially torn (see the pic on left). Rubber handles work best when they disappear completely (see the pic on the right) and you can grab the handle with your Big Back Grips, just the way nature intended!

Lat machine uprights missing rubber
Joe's calluses from lifting.

Lifting chalk does not protect your hands.

As if simply lifting wasn’t hard enough on your hands, along comes chalk. A lot gyms have banned chalk. Good for them. Chalk doesn’t protect your hands while lifting, it damages them. Chalk makes a mess its user never cleans up and the next person using the equipment doesn’t want to and shouldn’t have to. And it won’t protect your hands from damage but can certainly make them worse. Chalk sucks the life our of your hands, drying out your skin and encouraging callouses to break open in a sore and sorry bloody display. Big Back Grips cause none of that to happen, while giving you a better, cleaner, more comfortable workout.

callused hands chase bauer
Athlete and fitness model Jennifer England displays very simple but oh so effective Big Back Grips

Keep your hands healthy. Protect t them when lifting.

We get one set of hands. There are no replacements. And in the gym, whether you work out at home or in the gym, healthy hands are essential for good, productive workouts. Chalk damages your skin. Straps injure your wrists and hand bones.  And don’t get us started on what a waste of time and money lifting gloves are. Besides being home to entire colonies of bacteria, which is why they start to smell like rotting flesh after not too long, most lifting gloves give you even less grip than your bare hand will. Big Back Grips protect your hands while lifting, give you a better grip for better workouts, and are very very affordable. Check out our deals which include Free Shipping.


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