There are all kinds of gym handles out there, and Big Back Grips will give you a better, more solid, more comfortable grip on all of them.

Big Back Grips and Knurled Handles

If you don’t know what “knurled” handles are, you certainly know how they look and feel. They are the handles you love to hate. They are the barbells, dumbbells, lat handles and chinning bars sporting the sharp metal points in a “diamond cut” pattern designed to keep your hand from slipping from the metal.

There are two problems with knurled handles

1) They rip your palm apart and promote torn calluses, and hurt like hell.

2) Eventually, as handles are tossed into the pile and bang against other handles, the knurling becomes flattened to nearly smooth and essentially useless for improving grip. But it can still hurt.

Love the Knurling!

Big Back Lifting Grips will make the handles you hate into the handles you love. New, super-sharp knurled handles will feel great in your hand: solid and stable with zero pain. With Big Back Grips, you will be able to grip those handles far more solidly than with bare hands or with weightlifting gloves, and with very little effort. ALL YOUR FOCUS WILL BE ON YOUR LATS. And your grip on these handles will be far more solid –and far less painful– than even their manufacturers intended.

Knurled handles and lifting chalk: a double problem

A word about knurled metal and lifting chalk: chalk will not prevent the sharp metal points from ripping your skin apart.  But lifting chalk will promote the drying and cracking of your skin and calluses leading to open, bloody germ-entry points. Open wounds, even small ones, are an invitation to infection with any number of microbes inhabiting those deep, sharp metal grooves on the bar or any placecalluses, lifting chalk, hand damage from weightlifting else in the gym.

Big Back Grips and Smooth Metal Handles

Sweaty palms and leather lifting gloves will slide over a smooth chrome bar, like the one above, preventing you from having the kind of focused, pump-inducing back workout you want.

“Powder-coated” surfaces, like the one above, are just as slippery as chrome. Lifting gloves will not grab this surface, chalk is not much better. Lifting straps, again, will just leave the weight dangling injury-inducing style.

There are generally two kinds of very smooth gym handles you will see: chrome and “powder-coated.” Smooth aluminum is also used on some outdoor gym equipment. The problem with smooth handles is that they’re slippery. The sweat and oil your bare hands produce are the perfect lubricant. Your hand will slide right over them. So will leather lifting gloves, leaving the bar dangling from your fingers by the end of your set. And because there is no natural grab, lifting straps will leave the entire weight dangling from your wrist joints. This is not the way to focus on your lats.

Why Big Back Grips are Better than Rubber-Coated Handles

We’d like to point out that Big Back Grips will improve your grip even on perfectly working rubber-coated handles. But we’d also like to point out that rubber-coated handles are rarely in perfect condition.

It’s ironic how much time, effort, energy and money the gym equipment manufacturing industry spends putting workout-compromising, doomed-to-fail rubber coatings on their otherwise beautifully engineered machines. The equipment industry has been trying to make rubber-coated handles work for more than 30 years. But warm, sweaty, oily palms; the powerful torque applied by lifters hundreds of times a day; and the natural decay of rubber all conspire against them.

The first thing to go on rubber-coated handles is the adhesive that is supposed to keep the rubber from sliding around the metal and turning in your hand as you do a set of, say, lat pulldowns. Even on nearly new machines and handles, the rubber often slides over the bar, making a solid grip all but impossible.

Then the rubber itself begins to tear, exposing the smooth, slippery metal underneath. (See the photograph above.) This does not help the lifter. Especially since gyms are usually pretty sluggish in repairing these handles.

Big Back Lifting Grips make all that irrelevant, and let the machine deliver the kind of set its builders – and you — had in mind.