Alex Frescatore



BBG: Where do you work out?

ALEX: I work out in my haven – Gold’s Gym in Niskayuna, NY.  I work out there every day, and have met a lot of great people. If I never stumbled upon that gym one cold snowy December, I would have never became the person I am today. I will continue to train there for as long as I’m in this county. Like I said that is my haven….my second home

BBG: Tell us a little about yourself: your name, background, where you grew up, where you went to school and for what. What’s going in your life right now… a mini-bio, if you will.


ALEX: Well, my full life story is still being written every day, but ask away and I’ll tell you. My name is Alex Frescatore. I have lived my entire life in the capital region of New York State. I just recently turned 18 years old on November 24th (Thanksgiving!). And I am a senior in the high school Notre Dame – Bishop Gibbons. I plan on going to college to earn a degree in athletic training while pursuing my dream of becoming an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

BBG: Did you play or excel at any sports?

ALEX: Before I even knew what a barbell row was I played baseball, football, golf and other sports. I was pretty good at baseball, but my weight was a problem – being an obese athlete is a challenge in any sport. So played golf and was probably a better golfer then I was baseball player. But golf lacked physicality and I like to be physical. I like contact and aggression and got bored with golf. Boxing was out of the question for me because of my weight. Same with basketball. So I tried football and liked it. But I never worked out and quickly fell behind in the strength and conditioning department, so I had to hang up the pads after a lower back injury in the summer of ’09.

BBG: What brought you into the world of lifting and when? What are your main goals in bodybuilding?

ALEX: I came upon the world of lifting after the lower back injury in ’09. My tenth grade year things got bad for me. My grades were bad, I didn’t have many friends, and my weight was spiraling out of control. Not to mention I was just going through a failed relationship. I needed a life change. And I remember this like it was yesterday – I looked mirror. I was 237 pounds and squeezing into my black jeans was a 44 inch waist. I was depressed. I joined the gym and started working out but kept eating junk and just got fatter. This is when I met someone who would become not just my training partner but one of my best friends. I was in school on the computer looking at a picture of Jay Cutler and Branch Warren for a MuscleTech ad when the classmate next to me seemed to have looked in utter amazement. His name was Matt. He wanted to get bigger, and I wanted to get smaller. Every day for us it became all about the gym, and every day throughout the winter of 2010, Matt and I would get up, go to school, train, eat, and sleep.

Except me instead of sleeping I was learning. I would spend hours on hours reading and researching bodybuilding, losing weight, and getting abs. Eventually I armed myself with enough knowledge that by the time 2011 came around I knew what it meant. And I knew what it took to be a bodybuilder. I haven’t stopped training, learning, and yearning since. I didn’t want to be that fat kid anymore. The kid no one took seriously. I have been now training for two years, and bodybuilding for a year and a half. Sadly it took me till 2011 to get serious but since I have I’ve made the greatest gains in my life. My goals have also changed with the passing days. Now my goal is simple be the very best bodybuilder Alex Frescatore can be. I just hope the very best I can be is Olympia worthy!  I will NEVER stop bodybuilding. I will NEVER stop living life to be the best I can be. I will not quit or give up because it is only death that can stop me, and death is something you cannot fear in life….neither is pain. So I just press on.