Big Back Grips LOVES Muscle Beach Venice!

Big Back Lifting Grips has been a sponsor of Muscle Beach Venice since 2010. We would bring a portable lat machine with us just so people could try Big Back Grips right there at our booth. After we started with the demos, one of our Dealers, Nutrishop Torrance, CA, suggested we hold a Lat Pull Down contest. That way people could see under more grueling conditions that Big Back Lifting Grips were the most effective weight lifting grips out there.

The Big Back Grips Lat Pull Down Contest

The contest is easy: Men pull 60% of their body weight. Women pull 40% of their body weight. The small guys have just as much shot as the big guys. And the women, too of course, who have had some amazing scores. And we’ve been amazed at the quality of athletes, men and women, who have tried the Big Back Lat Pull Contest. All to discover the perfect lifting grip for perfect form.


A little bit about Muscle Beach Venice, according to Wikepedia:
“Muscle Beach Venice is the contemporary title of the outdoor weightlifting platform constructed in Venice, California, a distinct neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, 18 years after Muscle Beach was established. Muscle Beach Venice was officially titled in 1987 by the City of Los Angeles with the distinguishing name ‘Venice’ added to the location to honor the original Santa Monica site.[2] The contemporary Muscle Beach Venice is located two blocks north of Venice Boulevard on Ocean Front Walk in Venice, California.


“Santa Monica’s “Muscle Beach” landmark derives its name from the growing local and national reputation of gymnastics and strength athletes who congregated at what was first known simply as the “Santa Monica Beach Playground”, with the ‘muscle’ term gaining momentum by 1940. The 1940 opening of the first of an eventual nationwide chain of weightlifting gyms by famed pioneer gym chain operator, Vic Tanny, only two city blocks from Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, is commonly considered a key contributor to the increasing attraction of bodybuilders and strength lifters to Muscle Beach from across the nation.”


The advent of the Muscle Beach Toy Drive.
In 2007, Joe Wheatley Productions, in conjunction with, started the Annual Muscle Beach Toy Drive, which has assisted in the LAPD Pacific Division’s Winter Wonderland Giveaway. This traditional has continued and culminated in the Toy Drive’s 10th Anniversary in 2016. Ivanko Barbell Company is a more recent major sponsor. Hugely successful, Mr. Wheatley looks forward too giving back for many years to come.


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