Teen Bodybuilder Nick Wright tried Big Back Grips ONCE, and started making videos for us. This was all Nick’s idea, but we think it’s a great idea.
NPC Competitor Nathan Williams gets in his last pre-contest workout. Filmed at BBG dealer McGuire’s Fitness, Ontario, CA.

Chris Romine

Iraq Veteran Chris Romine “I feel a lot more blood pumping to the top of the lats”
Chris was competing at the Mr. Muscle Beach and found way to get a better workout.

Phil Barbb

Bodybuilder Phil Barbb gets a better pump!
Phil is “strap man”, using lifting straps for heavy pulls. THEN he discovered Big Back Grips at Muscle Beach Venice and became one of our biggest fans.

Dan Decker

Dan Decker takes the Big Back Challenge!
Dan Decker is an International Fitness Model, Body Builder, and Personal trainer. He has been featured in and on the cover of countless fitness magazines including IRONMAN, Flex, and Maxim Fitness. Dan has used straps/wraps in the past but doesn’t like how complicated they are. Watch him become a believer when taking the Big Back Challenge at the Muscle Beach Championship on Venice Beach, this past labor day.

Traci Hall

The Beautiful Traci Hall puts Big Back Grips to the test!
Traci is a strong a beautiful figure competitor who’s sick of her workout’s leaving her with unfeminine calluses. Big Back Grips are the perfect solution. She stopped by our booth to put them to the test, and it did not take very long before she was a believer!