Big Back 9-Pack Weight Lifting Grips

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GREAT PRICE: 9 PAIRS FOR $35. Split the 9-Pack Weight Lifting Grips with some buddies or keep it yourself and you’re set for great workouts for a good long time. More reps. More pump. More focus. No pain.


The best price on Big Back Grips is definitely the 9-Pack for $35, plus free shipping! Whether you’re a personal trainer, gym or fitness studio owner, Big Back Grips let you, your clients or members lift more and hurt less. They are the best grips for lifting and the best hand grips for CrossFit. Big Back Grips will give you a better workout AND protect your hands. Big Back Grips work because of the deep, dual-sided tread etched into both sides. They grip the metal bar just like your tires grip the road. With pain-free control of your grip, you’re in charge of every rep and every set.

You’ll have best back workouts ever! More grip. More comfort. More weight. More reps. More lats! Get a solid, comfy grip on smooth bars, ropes, diamond-cut handles and chin bars with Big Back Lifting Grips. Made in America for lifters and CrossFitters, Big Backs not only give you a better, more comfortable set, they protect your hands from the damaging, dirty handles that cause calluses. Unlike lifting straps which can damage your wrists permanently, Big Back Grips let your hands and forearms grip a bar or handle naturally and safely, the way they evolved to do. You can use them for chins, pulldowns, rows, deadlifts, triceps, biceps, dips.

And for everyone who works out a gym with factory-installed rubber coatings but the factory rubber is a mess? It’s torn, missing, or slides around the bar as you pull, doing exactly the opposite of what it’s supposed to do! Big Back Grips work better anyway. So you can stop being annoyed at missing rubber gym handles. A pair of Big Back Grips works better than the original factory rubber anyway, which also makes them a great deal!

So take advantage of the 9-pack, the best price on Big Back Grips you’ll find. You might also consider the Big Back 3-Pack or the Big Back 6-Pack, both with Free Shipping!


  • Deep dual-sided tread for gripping.
  • Comfy sponge construction.
  • Won’t damage your wrists like straps.
  • Certified natural rubber.
  • Made in America for quality.
  • Usually last up to 6 months or more.

Additional information

Weight 15.9 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1 in

9 Pairs








Certified Natural Rubber

Country of Manufacture

Made in America



1 review for Big Back 9-Pack Weight Lifting Grips

  1. Vrej Sanati

    Amazing product, this is a must-have to any bodybuilder. I love it and always have it when I work out.

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