Jonathan Adam Alvarez



BBG: Ok, so, tell us a little about yourself: your name, background, where you grew up, where you went to school and for what. What do you do professionally? A mini-bio, if you will.

JAA: My name is Jonathan Adam Alvarez. I’m 22 years old, and I grew up in Paterson, New Jersey. I grew up playing sports, and I was very big on wrestling growing up. I was always a one-upper when it came to athletics. I was always a natural at just about anything I tried. I’m currently pursuing a personal training certification through NASM. I recently had a beautiful baby boy and couldn’t be happier about that. And I have a wonderful girl who supports my lifestyle and who I absolutely adore.

BBG: One of the reasons we’re interviewing you is because we know you’re an avid Big Back Grips user. What did you use before BBGs and why did you settle on BBGs? How do they help your workout?

JAA: I’m not gonna lie. For the longest time I was a raw kinda guy when doing heavy deadlifts and rows; I was big on bettering my grip. Ultimately you get to the point where you’re pulling so much weight you need some wraps and time and time again they would start to frail up and eventually rip. Needless to say BBGs were my savior and I was really able to start to feel the contractions a hell of a lot better, which sold me.

Interview Questions

BBG: Where do you work out?

JAA: City Gym, Utica NY. It’s an all-business/get-it-done kind of gym. Enough said.

BBG: Did you play or excel at any sports?

JAA: Any sport I tried, really. But I honestly feel I could have been great had I gone to college for football.

BBG: What brought you into the world of lifting and when? What are your main goals in bodybuilding?

JAA: I always admired the pro wrestlers’ physiques growing up and started doing push-ups early on and started curling when I was 14 with my brother’s 50-pound bar. And the rest is history. Powerlifting at 17; bodybuilding by 21. As far as my main goals, I just want to strive to be great at everything I do. I feel as though my hard work and consistency and my desire to keep learning every day will only do me good. You just never know where life’s gonna take you. All I know is, I want to be a champion and I will not be outworked.

BBG: What are your biggest accomplishments in your workout history so far? : Titles, personal goals achieved, etc.

JAA: 565 pound squat for 5 PR and a 565 Deadlift PR. Trying to get both to 600 right now. My squat is pretty much there now just shy of that.

BBG: What is your workout schedule like?

JAA: Four-day split: six on, one off. It’s offseason until next week and then I’ll be fine tuning if you will.

BBG: What about your diet?

JAA: Chicken, bison, veggies, oats, shrimp, whey and so on. It’s a pretty basic high-protein/moderate carbs and some fats.

BBG: What are your favorite exercises or body parts to work? What do you consider your best body part? Do have a body part that’s especially challenging to make headway on?

JAA: If you ain’t got those wheels and that mountain of a back as far as bodybuilding goes you might as well call it quits. They win shows along with conditioning, symmetry and proportion of course. My favorite exercises would have to be deadlifts and squats. That’s my base and I love going heavy, there’s just something about it. I am also very fond of dumbbell incline presses. My tri’s were also hard for me to size up but they are finally starting to respond.

BBG: If someone were going to work out with you, what are they in for, what’s your workout style? What would you want from a partner?

Jonathan Alvarez rear lat spread.

JAA: I don’t play around and bullshit in the gym. I go in and bring that intensity and get it done. The main thing I look for in a partner is effort and support, makes for the best workouts in my opinion. Oh and needs to be a good spotter. LOL.

BBG: Is there a workout that really stands out from the rest? A particularly amazing workout where you ended going further than you ever had?

JAA: I’ll tell you what. I had a leg day where for the first time ever I did 7 sets of squats with 315 for fifteen reps/30 second rest, and did heavy hack squats after up to 700. And finally, I normally work up to 275 for lunges but in this case did 10 sets of 12 with 185 and I literally could not walk for about a week. Now that’s a leg day and it was a damn good one. That workout was about a year ago now, and I have come a long way since.

BBG: What’s your advice to people just starting out?

JAA: Don’t be insecure!!! We all had to start at some point or another. The big thing is form, you want to get that down first don’t worry about the weight. That will come I assure you. Consistency and willingness to want to learn and better yourself are key. I personally find comfort with pain to pursue greater gains. Also I’d say have fun with your workout; if you’re not gonna enjoy it, don’t do it.

BBG: Finally, can you give us your workout for just one body part: back or legs, shoulders, chest or arms, even abs. Just pick your favorites.

Jonathan Alvarez rear double biceps


Dumbbell Incline Presses

  • 2 warm up sets with 100 15-20 reps
  • 5 working sets with 120, 6-8 reps

BB Flat Bench

  • 5 sets with 225 for 6-10 reps
  • BB Decline Bench
  • 7 sets 225 for 8-12 reps

Machine Presses

  • 8 plates 4 sets to failure

Cable Crossovers

  • 10 sets of 25


And sometimes I’ll toss in

  • incline barbell
  • light weight
  • high reps