Josh Heath


Josh Heath right bicep big back tank top.


BBG: Hi Josh. Why don’t we start by telling us a little about yourself: your name, background, where you grew up, anything you want us to know.

JOSH: My name is Josh Heath and I’m 20 years old. I grew up in Jamestown, New York, and went to Cassadaga Valley High School, and I graduated in 2009. I was always the runt of my class up until my senior year when I started putting on a few pounds. I played baseball up until my junior year.

BBG: Like everyone in this part of our website, you’re an avid Big Back Grips user. What did you use before BBGs and why did you settle on BBGs? How do they help your workout?

JOSH: I started off with just regular wrist wraps (cheap ones) and I figured out that they ripped after just a month or two of use. BBGs help with my grip substantially, and help keep your hands a little softer than normal. If you have little hands, I suggest these would be the most helpful to you!

Interview Questions

BBG: What are current stats? What’s your ultimate goal in terms of weight?

JOSH: I’m 5’7” and 201 pounds (pre-contest mode right now for 2012 Mr. Buffalo on March 31st). My goal is 230 by the end of this summer!

BBG: Where do you work out?

JOSH: I work out at my high school and the local YMCAs

BBG: Did you play or excel at any sports?

JOSH: Baseball was the only sport I played throughout high school because I was too little for football. I was a very avid hunter.

BBG: What brought you into the world of lifting and when? What are your main goals in bodybuilding?

JOSH: I started lifting in 9th grade (2005) but didn’t start doing it right until my senior year (2009). I started bodybuilding in 2010 when I watched a friend of mine compete. My main and #1 goal is to be an IFBB pro, and I will not stop until I get there.

BBG: What are your biggest accomplishments in your workout history so far? Titles, personal goals achieved, etc.

JOSH: The 2011 USBF contest; I came in 2nd place. And my 385 pound bench at 180 pounds bodyweight.

BBG: What is your workout schedule like?

JOSH: I like to switch my workouts up a lot. I think muscle confusion plays a big role in getting bigger. Mondays are usually chest; Tuesdays are back and bis; Wednesdays are legs. Thursdays are off days. Fridays are shoulders, traps and tri’s and Saturdays are legs again. Sunday are off days. I do abs and calves every other day and cardio every day.

BBG: What about your diet?

JOSH: I stick with lean meat (chicken, fish, and steak) veggies and a few carbs (Ezekiel bread, jasmine rice, baked potatoes, and oatmeal) I have about 3-4 protein drinks a day and my cottage cheese before bed. During pre-contest I have 6-7 meals a day each 3 hours apart and leave carbs out after 6:30 pm.

Josh Heath displays chiseled abs.

BBG: What are your favorite exercises or body parts to work? What do you consider your best body part? Do have a body part that’s especially challenging to make headway on?

JOSH: I would have to say shoulders because I get the best pump from them. Any type of overhead press is my favorite. My best body part is my shoulders and calves have to be the hardest to build for me.

BBG: If someone were going to work out with you, what are they in for, what’s your workout style? What would you want from a partner?

JOSH: People ask me a lot of questions about what to do or how to do it and I love to help them. If my buddies lift with me they know they are in for a hard ass workout, no playing around. I have actually made a few of them throw up, I love it LOL! I can’t stand two things when lifting…Talking, and listening to soft music, you’re there to workout not reminisce!!!!

BBG: What’s your advice to people just starting out?

JOSH: Take things slow, drink your protein, and ask a lot of questions. Never hurts to ask people that have been doing it for years!

BBG: Finally, can you give us your workout for just one body part: back or legs, shoulders, chest or arms, even abs. Just pick your favorites.

JOSH: It’s legs!

Josh Heath flexing right bicep with large chain.


  • Leg extensions:3-4 sets/8-15 reps
  • Squats: 4 sets/8-12 reps
  • Hack squat or leg press: 3 sets/8-15 reps
  • Leg extensions or leg press: 7 sets/8-15 reps


  • Leg curls: 3-4 sets/8-15 reps
  • One leg curls: 3-4 sets/8-15 reps
  • Heavy stiff leg dead lifts: 4-12 sets/15-20 reps
  • Leg curls: 7 sets/8-12 reps
  • Last 7 sets are done with 30 second rest between sets/go for 15


  • Standing calf raises: 4 sets/15-20 reps
  • Leg press calf raises 4 sets/15-20 reps
  • Seated calf raises: 7 sets/12-15 reps