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    Big Back Lifting Grips are far more effective than lifting gloves and safer than lifting straps. Do not let our low price fool you . Big Back Grips are serious workout equipment for fitness. As IFBB Pro Jeff Long wrote us: Big Back Grips protect my hands without bruising my wrists like weight lifting straps. I do more weight and more reps with no distraction.

    Big Back Grips simplicity is why we work. Lifting gloves slip and lifting straps can injure. We provide a safeĀ grip for a better set and better pump, especially for back workouts: on lat pulldowns, seated row, deadlifts and chins up. And for training chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps, on rough handles or smooth, you just focus and pump.

    Yes, Big Backs protect your hands in the gym. But Big Back Grips are about perfect form. From beginning weight training to professional bodybuilding and powerlifting, form is the difference between mediocrity and perfection. And perfect form in a workout becomes the perfect form of a physique. That's what Big Back Lifting Grips help you achieve.

    For gyms or sporting goods and supplement stores, easy to add Big Back Grips. If you carry weight training gloves and lifting straps, we are a great addition to your fitness equipment. If not, you can enter the category with Big Back low cost, small footprint, and big impact and a new product that brings in new customers.
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