You never have to re-adjust your grip, which can really kill a set.

Don Howorth, Mr. America, 1967

“I wish I had Big Back Grips when I was 25 years old. With a lifetime of lifting beating up on my hands, with the knurling cutting up my palms, the pain can be really distracting when you just want to focus on your set. The Big Back Grips just grab onto the knurling and you’re not even working to hold onto it, you’re just pumping out reps. And on smooth chrome or painted chinning bars, where your sweaty hand just wants to slide around, the grips are perfect. They just grab on to that too without the “life or death” grip. You never have to re-adjust your grip, which can really kill a set. I have practically everyone in my gym using them now. Since I brought them into the gym I go to, Powerhouse in Burbank, they are all over the gym. Dave Draper and I used to cut up bicycle inner tubes back our Muscle Beach Venice days, but these are soooo much better. And easier to get. “

I don’t want grip fatigue, I want lat fatigue.

Con Demetriou, IFBB Pro, 6X Australian Champion

“I don’t care about calluses. That’s not why I use Big Back Grips. But when I work lats, I want lat fatigue, not grip fatigue. Which means I don’t want my grip and forearms giving out before my lats do. I want my lats to get a full pump and take them to failure every time. And for me, that means Big Back Grips.”

Won’t train back without them.

Nicole Forlenza Fitness Model and Trainer

Back day has always been my favorite. Now after meeting trying Big Back Grips, I have made so many “gains” & won’t train my back without them. Thanks for helping me push limits & get shredded.

I finally found something that’s very effective, painless and grips the bars and dumbbells like glue.

Jeff Long, IFBB Pro

“Before I came across Big Back Grips I used the typical black lifting straps like 90% of bodybuilders out there. To be honest I never been a fan of straps because of what they would do to my wrists, leaving them bruised and in pain when i will go to the extreme with heavy weight. But what choice did i really have? That’s all was out and all that anybody used in the gym. I’ve used straps since like I was a freshman in high school. So roughly speaking i used straps for about 9 years for my heavy exercises. They did help get me past plateaus in the gym trying move heavier weight but the pain in my wrists would just hurt so bad and I would just sit there after my sets wishing somebody would come out with something just as effective or better that didn’t have to wrap around my wrist and leave me in pain and bruising after my workouts. Lifting straps long term use is not safe in my opinion will cause permanent damage to the wrist and tendons.
“That’s where one day I’m browsing the net and came across these funny looking square pads and kind of laugh at myself because I was like “How in the hell will these work without having to wrap around my wrist like every other lifting strap”. They sent me a pair and when I started my workout i made sure I went to the gym the day I got them and worked back. I was still shaking my head as i put them in my hands and around the bar, but when I grasped the bar with them i was totally blown away and in shock at how well they stuck to the bar without having to squeeze hard or have that pain in my wrists as I did a lat pull down. It was the first time in years that i did a back workout and left the gym pain free in my wrists and no redness or bruising. It was an amazing feeling knowing, that i finally found something that’s very effective, painless and grips the bars and dumbbells like glue.”

Big Backs are clean, comfortable, and they grip metal like nothing you’ve tried.

Adam Strachman Bodybuilder, Nutritionist

“Big Back Grips are going to change the way you feel about working back. You know the gym is full of handles that are either ripping the skin off your palms or just plain slippery when sweaty. Gloves are grip-less, smelly bacteria colonies. Straps cut circulation during your set. Big Backs are clean, comfortable, and grip metal like nothing you’ve tried. Do one set. You’ll know just what I mean.”

…my best back workouts ever!

Rob Riches, MuscleMania Jr. Champion

“These simple little grips give me my best back workouts ever.”

I was introduced to Big Back Grips by … Don Howorth, 1967 Mr. America

Eric Fleishman, Bodybuilding.com’s Trainer of the Month

Larry — I’m just writing to let you know how much I like your product, and how much I use it every day. I have a massive fitness business in Hollywood with hundreds of clients being trained each week. I was introduced to Big Back Grips by a fellow bodybuilder, Don Howorth. Ever since, I have used the grips every single day in every single workout. They remove the discomfort in lifting, allowing the focus to be heightened within the desired muscle group. It really has helped me with my clients! They all claim the grips are addictive, and I agree. I even used them as floor cushioning recently when I completed 40,000 pushups to raise $$$ $ for charity. They kept me comfortable and safe — My hands never slipped. Thanks again for making such an impressive product.

Big Back Grips give me a rock-solid hold on every bar, rope, and handle in the gym.

Dan Kalbfleisch 6-Time US Sumo Champion

“A powerful grip is important in the sport of sumo. Big Back Grips give me a rock-solid hold on every bar, rope, and handle in the gym. It’s too bad that I’m not allowed to use them while I’m in the dohyo (sumo ring).”

I’ve got a tendonitis problem in my forearms/biceps…

John Skelton Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Not my usual supplement review this time. I just wanted to tell you about a piece of lifting equipment that is unusual in that, one, it’s cheap, and two, it works!
“I’ve got a tendonitis problem in my forearms/biceps. The usual “tennis elbow” type thing from heavy lifting. I’ve been trying different things to see if I could take the stress off while doing heavy back work and shrugs. I tried hooks – awkward. Straps just annoyed me, what with the eventual hanging from the wrists. I’ve tried other gripping tools before too…sponges, jar openers and so on. Not effective, especially on smoother bars.
“My buddy Michael Foster swears by them for chins, and he’s got the wings to prove it. So I tried them. Lo and behold, they really made a difference. My grip didn’t give out nearly as easily and I was able to blast my back and traps in a major way, without that arm pump you can get. And my tendonitis…so far so good.”


Big Back Grips just can’t go wrong.

Chun Wang, Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Specialist

“Thanks for a great product. I have tried various gloves and other grip pads in the past… Gloves get hot and stinky. Other grip pads all suffer from poor traction and fit. But Big Back Grips just can’t go wrong. I am not just a weight lifter, but a physical therapist specialized in orthopedics and a clinical instructor teaching PT interns on their orthopedic rotations. Big Back Grips have my full approval!”

…the huge quad sets and triple drop sets wouldn’t be possible without them.

Tom Declue, Bodybuilder

“Damn straight. Been using Big Back Grips since Todd got them in. Lifesaver. Getting ready for a show and the huge quad sets and triple drop sets wouldn’t be possible without them. Not only do they help grip, but also keep the hands from getting raw by the end of the workout. Great job on the product.”

…lifting heavier and more controlled!!!

Robert Loigu Owner, Head Trainer of Diamond Physique

“To Big Back Grips:
Your Grips are totally amazing!!!! My workouts have gotten only better and better as I am able to grip the weights with ease. In addition, I am lifting heavier and more controlled!!!”

No slipping!!

Shellie Petty Clark County, Nevada

“I was fortunate enough to have been in Venice Beach on Memorial Day weekend and was able to try out your grips. I am a former NPC competitor and always HATED using straps on back day. They are cumbersome and tended to take my focus away from my workout. When I got back to Vegas, I used your Big Back Grips on back day, and all I gotta say is WOW! They are SO EASY TO USE! No slipping and I didn’t even have to think about them! Thanks so much!

Big Back Grips are by far the single best useful tool in my lifting arsenal.

Kinshasa Moffitt Redlands, California

Dear Big Back: I got my first pair of Big Back Grips from your company booth at the Muscle Venice Beach competition after I tested them. I am writing because Big Back Grips have really enhanced my lifting ability and are helping me take my development to the next level. They give me the ability to lift hard without a nagging discomfort and maintain a natural open grip.
“Big Back Grips” are by far the single best useful tool in my lifting arsenal. I couldn’t believe how inexpensive they were so I bought 2 pair. I was a little skeptical because I love lifting heavy and I thought they would tear or shred. It was the opposite. They are extremely durable.
Psychologically, it makes me feel stronger when I’ve got a sense and feeling of the weight I’m smashin’! That edge is my favorite feeling in the gym. People will get that feeling with Big Back Grips regardless of their weight-training intensity level.

I use them for pull ups, dips, bench press, rows.

Jean-Marc, Aix en Provence, South of France, AKA “Olybar”, www.nutrimuscle.com

“I bought 3 pairs of Big Back Lifting Grips. I use them for pull ups, dips, bench press, rows … They are very comfortable and they improve the grip. You can even clean them easily with just some warm water. I am happy with my purchase. “

I would definitely give them a shot guys, this is a good product here.

Phil Damien, “projectthatch92” on www.BodybuildingDungeon.com

“I have tried them out on every exercise just to give them a fair go ahead. What I liked using them on most was definitely the rope attachment when doing pushdowns, and obviously on any bar that has the deep grooves, like lat pulldowns, cable rows, etc… They definitely take the initial sting off when grapping a hold of a dumbbell or attachment.

I find myself using them for almost all my exercises now.

From MikeH40+ at BodybuildingDungeon.com

“Well I have had my BBG`s now for a month, At first I was thinking I’ll only use them now and then, but I wanted to give them a total trial of all exercises. First off they are very easy to use, and convenient to have around to grab and well grip the bar or dumbbells with. The thing I noticed right off the get-go was that they do indeed provide a better grip over gloves — no slippage, just a nice no-slip hold. These work awesome for deadlifts, bar shrugs, and the majority of lat pull down attachments i have. I even use them on bar curls as well as triceps push downs. And as well as any dumbbell curls. I find myself using them for almost all my exercises now. I don’t think I will go back to gloves after using these. I highly recommend buying a pair and giving them a go.”

I lifted heavier, didn’t slip and padded my hands.

JAIME DECKER Owassa, Oklahoma

“I LOVE these!! I’m with Big Rig Supps, I gave them a try and they are awesome! I lifted heavier, didn’t slip and padded my hands. The cost for them is ridiculously cheap! I will definitely be buying these for my gym rats for Christmas!”

I manage to pump out between 2-4 more reps using the grips!

Kieran Lewis Melbourne, Australia

“Big Back Grips! At first i thought nothing of these things when i went to order shirts through www.bigbackgrips.com, i used to wear gloves that i got from sporting stores and they worked pretty well. I stopped using gloves and was told to try these grips through a friend. My hands were getting full of blisters from constantly using the weights so when i bought the grips i figured they wouldn’t do much. Boy was i WRONG! They are sweat resistant and for some reason even when I’m doing lots of barbell curls and am fatigued I can still manage to pump out between 2-4 more reps using the grips! They are amazing!”