Why We Created Big Back Lifting Grips

Larry Greenfield, the creator of Big Back Lifting Grips, has been lifting weights for more than 30 years. A competitive bodybuilder, trainer and gym manager, Larry understands the problems that lifters have with their grip, and how it inhibits a really great workout. Especially a back workout. Rough metal handles tear up your hands. Smooth handles slip out of your hands. Squeezing down with a “death grip” causes injury. And lifting gloves, lifting straps, lifting hooks, and chalk all have their problems that distract from a perfect set.

So he went looking for a simple lifting grip for himself and found only overpriced contraptions and ineffective afterthoughts and no serious attempts at a simple, effective grip for lifting. He tested a variety of materials among bodybuilders, trainers, and regular “after work” lifters at 5 different gyms in in around Los Angeles. When they said, “This is perfect – stop,” we stopped. And Big Back Lifting Grips were born. As a simple lifting pad, Big Back Grips are durable, convenient and oh so “grippy”.

Big Back Grips Vs. Lifting Straps

A lot of our users gave up lifting straps for Big Back Lifting Grips because there were just too many problems associated with straps. To quote one Big Back user: My lifting straps always dig in…and start actually hurting my wrist. Like they’re pulling my hands off.” Exactly. They’re literally pulling your hands off as the barbell hangs from your wrists, crushing soft tissue up against the bones, cutting off circulation during your set, and pulling apart the wrist joint. We’ve had people tell us their doctor took them off lifting straps as long term damage had clearly set in. Not to mention lifting straps inhibit the development of your grip strength and forearms.

We understand why lifters turn to lifting straps, but they can become a risky crutch. Big Back Lifting Grips will give you a solid, no-slip grip so you can heavy and go long, squeezing out those last few reps with focused concentration. And none of the injuries associated with lifting straps.

Big Back Grips vs. Gloves

When it comes to all the variations of gloves for lifting weights out there on the market, we applaud the effort, but even the best lifting gloves don’t measure up to Big Back Lifting Grips’ performance. Standard leather gloves simply don’t assist your grip. If anything, lifting gloves slide over metal worse than bare hands do and make for lesser back workouts, not better back workouts. The gloves that have sewn rubber pads into the palm don’t achieve our performance and the rubber often tears where it meets the stitching.

Compare the grip of Big Back Grips to anything with any kind of lifting gloves, either leather or rubber with “finger thingies” and you’ll see our simple lifting grips deliver a better set every time.

Big Back Grips vs. Chalk

Forget that many gyms have banned chalk.  Because while chalk may prevent slipping, it does not prevent damage to hands and skin. In fact, it sucks the moisture from your skin and results in the dry, cracked and bloody calluses common among its users. Make no mistake: those open cuts are no badge of honor, they are an open door to the bacteria that can cause infection and worse. Big Back Grips grip a metal bar better than chalk, are more comfortable and will protect your hands instead of dry them out.